Pantin International

Patin International

Patin International is an international consortium that was founded in 2006, with the specific objective of establishing a robust property development fund with a minimum funding capacity of  $150-million (one hundred and fifty million US Dollar).

To take full advantage of the lucrative opportunities presented by the international property market, we have since partnered with several venture capital firms to significantly expand on our funding capacity.

The secret behind our success is our ability to fund projects all over the world. When the property market is down in a certain region, we simply shift our focus to another continent or region that will provide us with opportunities with an above average return on investment.

Accordingly, our long term operational goal is to aggressively source and identify distinguished as well as experienced property developers, which have available lucrative property development projects that fall within our required criteria (see "Investment Portfolio"), to explore potential long term and mutually beneficial partnership opportunities.

Our investment philosophy

We are focused on providing financial assistance to dynamic property developers in their quest to develop high profile residential, commercial and industrial property projects (see "Investment Application").

Our competitive advantage

We offer several advantages to dynamic property developers that seek international venture capital partners:

  • We can make a decision, and provide a Commitment Letter, to pursue a potential property development project within twenty one working days.
  • As a closely-held company we have the flexibility to consider investing in lucrative property development transactions, which listed companies cannot entertain as a result of their strict investment guidelines and parameters.
  • Our objective is to become a valued partner in every project we undertake, as appose to just be a financier.
  • As a partner we supply capital, but more importantly, we actively participate in every project by lending managerial, operational and strategic support to our property development partners.

A partnership with us can be ideal for property developers who desire personal liquidity, yet wish to maintain an equity position and operational control of their applicable property development project.

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